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In Season March 2, 2010

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It is difficult to think spring and green when the sky is gray and cold. I love live plants and well manicured gardens, but don’t have the patience or green thumb when it comes to plants of my own.

Succulents are a great alternative. They are hardy, low maintenance and have an amazing graphic impact. I was given a variety of succulents by a great friend several years ago for my birthday. I had fallen completely in love with them after seeing a photo spread in Elle Decor magazine. It featured a wall of succulents in an urban garden and I was so blown away by this living art.

There are also some really realistic looking virtual plants. Faux plants and flowers have come a long way. Modern containers and botanically correct specimens are a great alternative for those who, like me, don’t have the best luck in keeping plants alive.

So don’t let the weather today get you down. Start planning for your spring garden.  Even a well placed dramatic indoor plant can be the perfect finishing touch in a simply designed room.

Inspiration…all things green, Realization…plants as art.



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