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Invironment March 18, 2010

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Ok, so I can’t think of a word that means reduce, reuse, recycle that starts with “in”.

This morning I was pushing my mother’s trash out the street for pick up and I noticed the recycling bin. In it were a variety of bottles and it made me think of the interesting (I am being kind) wine bottle light fixtures that are in a Columbia restaurant. Thank goodness there are some great looking products out there that include recycled glass!

Many companies now manufacture countertop material incorporating recycled glass. This is a unique installation from Vetrazzo.

I used Vetrazzo countertops in a residential project last year. We installed Vetrazzo recycled glass countertop in a media room on the wetbar. It came out beautifully and created a modern vibe.


Woodcreek Farms Residence, Elgin, SC.

Along with countertops is flooring. Here is an amazing example of EnviroTraz flooring from EnviroGlas installed in DFW Airport.

EnviroGlas also manufacturers EnviroScape, a recycled glass product used in landscaping projects as a mulch. I was amazed by the installation at the Krohn Conservatory in Ohio and would love to find some glass “mulch” to add to the pots outside on my front porch.

Another great glass product is tile. A company who has a great selection using recycled materials is Stardust Glass. There collections include modern and traditional styles. I particularly liked the colors and retro feel of this one.

The gallery of photographs on the Stardust Glass website shows a great variety of tiles and install ideas. Check it out at

Another great company to check out is IceStone. The colorway made from vodka bottles is a popular choice.

Products Created From Recycled Glass

Glass can be recycled infinitely without losing its purity or strength. While the primary end product of recycled glass is new glass bottles and jars, there are some other uses for recycled glass, including:

  • Fiberglass production (second most popular use of post-consumer glass behind beverage containers)
  • Frictionator for matches and ammunition
  • Abrasives in sand-blasting
  • Ingredient in concrete and highway reflective paint
  • Ceramic tiles and picture frames around the house
  • Providing additional sand to beaches that have been depleted by erosion

Glass is one of the most popular materials recycled today, both because of the purity of the ingredients and the quick turnaround of recycling. Your glass containers actually begin their life as readily-available domestic materials, such as sand, soda ash or limestone. Similar to paper, glass comes in a variety of colors, which comes into play in the recycling process.


Using green products in interiors is here to stay. And these great uses of recycled products are a good example of why.

Inspiration…one man’s trash, Realization..another man’s treasure!



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